Greens Court Community Rooms

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£10.50 p.h weekdays. £12.50 p.h weekends. 20% discount for GC Residents.

The Greens Court Community rooms are situated within the residential complex of what used to be the Greens Hotel. The rooms were newly open just prior to Covid19 and then had to shut again so they remain in excellent condition. The rooms are carpeted, the main room is 25 feet square and the meeting room is sizable enough to fit 6 people around a table as illustrated from the photo above. There are 40 chairs, 10 small tables and 2 trestle tables. These rooms are not suitable for children's parties, events purely for children, or for parties run for or organised by anyone under 21 years of age. They are however suitable for meetings/social gatherings and events, parties, book clubs, talks and discussions, musical events, exercise classes, yoga and Pilates, or any other activities specifically agreed to by the management committee. Please contact Woburn Sands Town Council with your enquiry in the first instance. For fire and safety reasons the total capacity is limited to 60 people and there are seats for 40 people. Free parking is available in the shopper's car park nearby (accessed by car from Russell Street). Hire of the Greens Court Community Rooms costs £10.50 per hour on weekdays, £12.50 an hour on weekends. For parties and social events there will be a bond and deposit payable. Greens Court Management Committee have their own Privacy Policy. You can find it below.

The Greens Court Community Rooms is suitable for corporate events, exhibitions, music practice, music events, meetings, sports and fitness, societies and clubs and training and workshops.

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